Thursday, June 18, 2015

Backpacks are heavy and friends are lovely

Greetings everyone! 

I'm deeply sorry for the lack of timely posting. It turns out that roadtripping across the northern coast of France has proven to make wifi nearly impossible. Still, here I am in my husband's friend's godmother's home on an island in Brittany, France. 

This post is going to be rather winded due to my lack of time and wifi signal. 

Thus far, we have wandered the streets of London. Saw the Harry Potter sights to be seen. Fought through thousands of tourists attempting to see the queen. Won £47 at The Hippodrome Casino in Soho London. Took the overnight megabus to Edinburgh, Scottland. Accidentally got off in Newcastle at 5am (3 hours before Edinburgh) ((a £53 oopsie)). 6 hours later, arrived in Edinburgh at 11am via train. Explored the Hogwarts-style town, met up with the lovely Fiona, and returned to London on the overnight megabus just as Harry did in the Prisoner of Askaban. 

After a day of aimlessly wandering around London, the trooping of the colors for the Queens 89th birthday (for which most of Englnd and its tourists attended), stashing our bags at a Casino, and fighting exhaustion, we landed in Dublin. Where we slept for 12 hours. 

We stayed with a lovely dude named Adam. I showered twice in 16 hours and we (with the most ease of traveling thus far) caught the bus into Dublin city center where we found the one and only Eurokooi (aka our friend from university, Zach Kooiman). We explored the city, obtained some free guilt from a freelance tour guide, ate more pasta in one night than I have consumed in the past year (I'm serious - paleo life) Smuggled chocolates, Nutella, pancakes, pretzels, and beers into a movie. Found some uneaten candy in the theatre after Jurrasic World ended (I'm 21 and it still scared me). And walked into movie number 2: Mad Max. I'm still confused. 4am arrived rather quickly and we navigated to the airport to head to Paris-Beauvois. Which, unbeknownst to me, is 90 minutes from Paris. 

We hopped on the bus and headed to Paris. A recent university graduate from Idaho heard our American accents and was thrilled to talk. Shaun Hall is an awesome kid. He just graduated from a small Christian School in Idaho. He walked 500 miles across the northern coast of Spain in 31 days. He loves Jesus a whole lot, is super easy going and we loved meeting someone with such similar views on life as us. We navigated the city together for a few hours and parted ways at the Arc de Triumph. We traveled to Antoines grandmothers beautiful apartment in the heart of Paris via the metro, showered briefly, and hit the beautiful area of Odeon. The sun was warm, the buildings were beyond gorgeous, and the crepes were delicious. 

Now, we are on the road with Antoine. We've go-karted in 55mph karts, marveled at cathedrals from the 1100's, walked the beaches of Normandy, and played a rather intellectually stimulating car-game called "these are my cows" 

Thanks for reading, everyone. I'll try to be better about posting, though I am at the mercies of public wifi. 

Friends & family: we love you and miss you. Our passports are still safe, we're taking our vitamins and drinking lots of water. Xoxo 

Teachers of the world: just comment below and request a product from my store and I will email you a free product! There is no location guessing this week and I'm unable to operate rafflecopter from my iPhone. 

Also, sorry for the lack of pictures. I will post more pictures when strong wifi connection is obtained. 

Blessings and love, 
The Wentworths  

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Once again, not warm

The adventures have officially begun. Trav and I have driven over 3,000 miles, flown on a giant purple plane, and landed in our first destination abroad. After driving to Boston fron Olean, NY, we hopped on a plane at 7:30pm. We landed at 5am. Due to the time change and whatnot, we slept about 3 hours on a plane. Which we all know is incredible quality of sleep. I'm not entirely sure if you can judge a city by its airport, but oh my goodness this city has a gorgeous airport. It is, by far, the most beatuifully interior designed and exterior crafted.

So, here in Iceland, we have eaten food, drank beer & coffee, slept for 14 hours straight, wandered around in the rain, and had a blast. It's crazy how they built a city on a jut of land where mountains meet the Atlantic. It is 100% not warm here. 43 degrees F not warm, to be exact. Praise the Lord for warm coffee shops and free wifi to search for more warm coffee shops.

Tomorrow, we are off to elsewhere - the adventure continues!

If you are reading this as a friend or family: we love and miss you, we are being safe, our passports are guarded with our lives (don't worry grandparents - we love you!), and we are having a blast.

If you are reading this as a teacher or educator: You can win a free product! Just mention below in the comments which product you want from my store and which city you presume we are currently exploring! I will be in contact with you and email you the product! I hope you are all enjoying your summer! The hint is in the picture below - so beautiful!

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Much love,
M & T