Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I suppose I'll give blogging a go

Hello all! 

My name is Monica Wentworth and this is my first attempt at dabbling in the blogging world, so bear with me. I'm going to give you all a little blurb about myself now. 

I'm twenty one years old. I live in Charlotte, NC with my lovely husband, Travis Wentworth. I graduated college at the University of Northern Iowa with a bachelor's degree in Psychology and Family Services. I have a huge passion for helping people to help themselves. I believe oh-so-strongly that people are capable of immeasurably more than they give themselves credit for. My mission in life is to empower people, preferably starting at a young age, to do just that - believe in themselves. I am currently working towards that goal by creating innovative educational content for Teachers Pay Teachers. I invite you all to check out my store. I also invite you to simply just follow this blog for the sake of a small giggle here and an ounce of motivation there.

So that's me. Here's a picture of my husband and me. We love donuts almost as much as we love people. Ft. Your Mom's Donuts

So this is the beginning of my blogging career. Is it a career? Maybe this is the beginning of my blogging adventure. Yes, we will call this an adventure. On this adventure you can expect: lesson plan ideas, classroom fun activities, teacher motivation, random encouragement, some of the crazy adventures Trav and I have experienced, and some cool pictures from all over Europe.

Yes, I just said Europe. I will be blogging and working from Europe this summer. Please join us for the ride! 

Thanks for visiting:)

Monica Wentworth

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