Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Whacky Wednesday: Episode 1

Hello again!

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So, on Wednesdays, we talk about whacky things here on Wentworth Wisdom Adventures. Each Wednesday, I think I'm going to tell a story about something whacky that has happened to Trav and me throughout our 4 months of marriage.

Episode 1: Dude, where's my car?

*Travis and I moved to Charlotte, NC from Iowa on January 16. We drove our two cars across the country.*

January 18, 2015

We wake up after a *good* night's sleep on our air mattress, get ready, and head to the car to go to church. (We moved to Charlotte to be a part of Elevation Church) Note: The parking garage at our apartment complex requires a parking sticker that is quite the opposite of sticky. We walk to where the car should have been, and no teal Camry is to be found. After a lap around the garage, 7 eye rolls and 3 annoyed sighs, we head out to take Trav's car to church. We assumed that our car was towed. Well, Trav's car was completely disheveled, but....absolutely nothing was missing. Not the $300 headphones. Not the "free 52 meals from Chik-fil-a" card. Not the $20 bill. Nothing.  We thought it curious, and deemed it as a blessing.

Fast forward about 3 hours.
*In the leasing office talking to the manager*
Trav: Our car was towed, how do we get that back?
Manager: I'm so sorry guys, let me call the towing guys and see if I can get the retrieval fee waived for y'all.
Trav: Amazing, thank you.
*manager on phone*
Manager: So, you're saying you didn't tow any cars last night.
*Trav and I stare at each other with bug-eyes*
Manager: calls 911
*Cops arrive*

So we reported my car to be stolen and Trav's car to be broken in to. All on the second day of living in Charlotte.

Check in next Wednesday to hear more about our crazy-town adventures.

Life is insane and unpredictable. We can react to situations as if they are unfair and harmful to us, like I have many times. Or, we can laugh them off and tell the stories on the internet in order to bring a smile to people we will most likely never even meet.

Happy Whacky Wednesday.

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Monica Wentworth

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