Thursday, May 14, 2015

Whacky Wednesday: On Thursday

Sorry for the late post here! Yesterday was a "whacky Wednesday" outside of the blogging world as well.

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Where was I?

Oh yes, stolen car.

I could write an entire book on this story. You don't have time to read a book. Here is what the back of the book would say:

1. Super thankful we had insurance. We would have been out $10k without the coverage we had on the car. Even though you're 20, newly married, and a generally decent person - Nationwide doesn't care. They don't want to give you money. Nationwide was not on our side. (Our rental car was pretty amazing, though)

2. Some people. Know what I mean? Three dudes drove off with my car. Smoked everything under the sun. Spilled hot cheetos. Played Lil' Wayne mixed CDs. Used my retainer case as an ashtray. Stole wedding presents: Ninja blender kit, crockpot, waffle mix (not the waffle iron though). Got in a high speed chase. Smashed into a giant brick residential sign. Two got tackled by the cops. One got caught via canine chase. Presumably, they are in jail for who knows how many charges. 

3. Got the car back. Had to pay $89 to retrieve my STOLEN car from the towing yard. My car looked like this. 

4. We got a new car. Now, we tell the story of the time 3 guys stole our car. 

People are crazy. Lock your doors. Hide your things. 

More importantly, trust in your significance in this life. Crazy things may happen to you - that's life. When something you weren't expecting happens and you ask "why me?" I want to retort with "Why not you?" You, my friends, are powerful people. You are capable of handling anything that may come your way. When you make it through something hard, which you will because I believe in you, you automatically become a witness of encouragement for everyone else going through hardship. Embrace your membership in the stolen-car-club. 

I often forget to remember my significance in this life. If you have any tips on remembering this, please comment below. I would love to hear some advice from amazing people in this world. 

Monica Wentworth

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  1. Love your blog. You have a great flair for writing. Looking forward to "going" to Europe with you two.