Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Travel Tuesday: We're not warm


Where in the world are the Wentworths? Guess our location and choose a product from my store to be 60% off

5:30pm to 6:30am. That is when we decided it would be a great time to begin our summer journey. Triple shot frappuccinos. Dance parties. A sleepy wifey. A studly husband. A hybrid Camry. After a 13 hour drive, we finally landed in our first destination of Chicago. After a day well spent with the in-laws, we headed off to our next destination - still in America. We got up, with snacks galore from Momma Wentworth, and headed out to....
You guess. 

This bridge is famous. It is called a lift bridge. It is one of very few in the world. It is located in our current destination. We love it here. 

Comment below with the following:
a) Where the Wentworth's are currently spending some time
b) the product from my store you wish to be 60% off

The options are limitless! First amazing teacher to comment below gets to choose the product to be on sale this Thursday! 

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