Friday, May 15, 2015

Food Fridays: Donut edition

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Apart from selling products on teacher's pay teachers, I'm a HUGE foodie. Food. Food. Food. 

Fridays are date nights. That was established before we got married. We are actively taking a stance on letting the "romance leave our relationship." We are never going to stop dating, even though we're married. Dating may look a little different than dinner and a movie. But, it's our time. Time to focus on each other, enjoy each other's smiles, and stuff our faces.

Okay, I'm going to be honest, 90% of it is about eating great food and paying very little for it. I'll tell a little story. Today, on our day off (ish), we went to this little bakery called Suarez Bakery. They had a free pastry promotion on YELP. Anyway, Travis and I don't go small when it comes to cheat days. (We eat primarily paleo but tend to cheat here and there, especially when donuts are involved) So, we wind up at this cute little bakery with a Texas Donut bigger than our faces. And we are the whole thing. No joke.

As Travis says, "Donuts are serious business."

Also today, we found this AMAZING olive oil store. Pour Olive. A store of artisan oils and vinegars. We walked in randomly after a failed attempt in dress shopping. The worker, Cory, tended to our confused faces and quickly convinced us of the store's mastery. We "threw back" lime fused olive oil mixed with black cherry vinaigrette. Goodness, that was delish. On the paleo diet, using lemon and olive oil on a salad is so incredibly boring - I cannot wait to use their products for salads, marinades, and apparently "ice cream!" The combinations here are endless and "your creations are only limited to your creativity," says Cory. Brilliant. I would have bought the whole store if I wasn't leaving the country in two weeks. We will definitely be back.

Needless to say, a workout is necessary.

Comment below your go-to favorite CHEAT DAY foods!

Monica Wentworth

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