Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Travel Tuesday: We Went(worth) Where?


What is better than a sale? A sale that you get to CHOOSE. Who cares if a can of pickled herring is 60% off? I want a jar of almond butter and organic apples to be 60% off. 

My store, Wentworth Wisdom, doesn't sell almond butter or apples. However, there may be things of interest to you.

Travis and I are starting our ~60 day journey this summer on Friday. We are leaving home around 5pm and driving...somewhere... We know where we are headed. Do you? Here's a hint.

Comment below with the following:
a) Where the Wentworth's first stop on summer vacation will be.
b) the product from my store you wish to be 60% off

The options are limitless! First amazing teacher to comment below gets to choose the product to be on sale this Thursday! 

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